Enough excuses I can change your life if you follow my guidance

There‘s no doubt that heredity dictates your ultimate potential for muscular development and plays a role in how easily you burn fat. But the primary cause of excess body fat is your own attitude, behavior, and lifestyle. Science confirms that overweight people are more likely to be made than born and that following a healthy lifestyle can counteract gene-related risks.

Most of the factors affecting body composition are entirely under your control. No matter what your body type or genetic potential, you can always improve by consistently taking action in all these areas.


.Most people are average because they do average things..


• How much you eat

• What you eat

• When you eat

• What type of exercise you do

• How frequently you exercise

• How long you exercise

• How hard you exercise

• Your overall lifestyle

• Who you socialize with and allow to influence you

• Your mental attitude 

Face the fact.

The truth is, if you‘re unhealthy, you‘re unfit, or you have too much body fat, you‘re responsible. If you refuse to accept this, you‘ll never reach your full potential. If you want to burn fat and transform your body for good, the first step is to accept 100 percent responsibility for where you are now.


When you‘re not getting the results you want, the easiest thing to do is to put the blame somewhere else and make excuses like ?It‘s my genetics? or ?I have a slow metabolism.? But if you don‘t believe you‘re in control and responsible for your life, for better or worse, how do you expect to change it?

We are not products of our environment or our heredity (our circumstances); we are products of our own thinking and belief systems.